The G3 Training Development Cell is conducting a Target Population Analysis with current Primary Leadership Qualification (PLQ) students. This analysis presents students with several Distributed Learning (DL) and Information Technology (IT) questions. The results will be applied to the Army’s delivery of the PLQ and any future development of Elearning (EL) solutions to accomplish this. 

Initially, CTC intent was to target a sample from 3-5 ongoing Regular Force PLQ serials nation wide. This would have provided access to a student population of about 300 personnel. However, the response to our request was overwhelming and with the assistance from the Area Training Centers (ATCs) Training Development and Standards Officers, the scope of the analysis was expanded to include a number of Reserve Force serials. This will result in a final population sample of 600 to 900 personnel.

Having a better understanding the computer literacy at this rank level, we will be better able to design and develop EL solutions for this group of soldiers, including determining where we should focus any future investment in infrastructure. The results will also serve as a benchmark for any further analysis requirements..

The initial results for those serials completed prior to the summer training period are expected to be released in July. The final results of the target population analysis are due in the fall period.

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