The CTC Headquarters has developed a web-based End Course Report (ECR) application for use by the Army Individual Training Design (AITD) section. This application will modernize the ECR process allowing all personal involved in the process to access and input information directly via a web page.

In the past the ECR has been submitted by message, and of late by Access database or word document. Commentary on points by members within the chain of command may or may not have been captured, and these documents were not maintained in a central location nor were they readily available when completing a training plan writing board. 

The new web based ECR process has been designed and developed for use for use by Chief Standards Officers in Land Force Areas and at the CTC Schools. These personnel will be responsible to vet ECR comments from within their Area/ School then post pertinent points along with some basic course information.  When a comment requires immediate action, the standards officer can generate an e-mail notifying the next higher-level in the chain of command.

ECR points can be viewed by anyone in the chain of command via a web page once they are entered into the system. Stakeholders will have immediate access to ECR points and in turn have the ability to enter a discussion thread about each point. This discussion thread is similar in operation to discussion boards within WebCT or other web sites. This provides opportunity for users to address pints of immediate concern sooner rather than several months after the training program is completed. Entries into the discussion thread will be saved within a database, allowing comments to be recorded and reviewed at a later date.

Furthermore the ECR application will provide a central repository for information. It will also standardize the input of the information thus allowing searching and retrieval of relevant data. As a Qualification Standard or Training Plan writing board convenes, board members will have at their disposal all ECR points and discussion on those points, for their particular course. 

In addition to various administrative and reporting tools being developed at CTC, an optional component to the ECR application is being designed that will provide a web-based interface for internal use within the training establishment. This portion of the application will allow a central location for students, instructors and standards staff to document their commentary on the conduct of course. In addition the school standards officer can review these entries and as needed into the directly into the main system.

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