e-ECR Application

CTC HQ Develops Electronic ECR Application

The CTC Headquarters has developed a web-based End Course Report (ECR) application for use by the Army Individual Training Design (AITD) section. This application will modernize the ECR process allowing all personal involved in the process to access and input information directly via a web page. In the past the ECR has been submitted by message, and of late by Access database or word document. Commentary on points by members within the chain of command may or may not have been captured, and these documents were not maintained in a central location nor were they readily

PLQ Improvement Initiative

PLQ Target Population Analysis

The G3 Training Development Cell is conducting a Target Population Analysis with current Primary Leadership Qualification (PLQ) students. This analysis presents students with several Distributed Learning (DL) and Information Technology (IT) questions. The results will be applied to the Army’s delivery of the PLQ and any future development of Elearning (EL) solutions to accomplish this.  Initially, CTC intent was to target a sample from 3-5 ongoing Regular Force PLQ serials nation wide. This would have provided access to a student population of about 300 personnel.

E-Learning Symposium

Three Countries to Direct Military eLearning

As many as 200 military delegates and civilian experts from across Canada, the United States and Britain are meeting at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown this week to share information and strategy regarding e-learning.  With the World Wide Web bringing various countries' communities closer and closer, representatives from participating countries are using the occasion to further define ways lessons learned in the classroom and on the battlefield can be applied to their respective organizations.  Col. Mike Ward, commander of the Combat Training Centre and the m

E-Learning Symposium

Putting Electrons to the Screen – Exploiting Technology to deliver Training

In our continued effort to move forward and exploit the use of technology to deliver Army training, the Combat Training Centre (CTC) will be hosting a two-day seminar on E-learning on the 5th and 6th of February 2003. The primary focus is to educate and solicit buy-in from all Army Individual Training System’s Designers, Developers and Instructors. The title of our seminar is “Putting Electrons to the Screen - Exploiting Technology to Deliver Training”. The symposium will specifically address the why, what and how this will be accomplished within the Army. The two days wil